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About Us

Meet Our Team

The Quid Pro team includes Catherine McCabe, our Founder, Syed Zubair Bokhari, our Lead Web Developer and Designer; Nina Lang, our Head of Sales

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Quid Pro founding…mother (!)

Quid Pro was founded in November 2014 by Catherine McCabe, when she thought about how new short-term letting sites like airbnb can best be utilised by landlords and owners of vacant properties throughout the world. The answer? Quid Pro, the world’s first short-term lettings brokerage where we seek out short-term guests for your empty properties all over the world and manage guest experiences on your behalf.

Number crunching, data analysis and testing of the Quid Pro concept

Next, we got Venture Capitalist and all-round finance guru Paul Turner on board and conducted an extensive period of market research in late 2014 and early 2015. We found that allowing short-term guests to “rent” properties for short periods of time can maximise the financial return made on a property by up to 400% compared to the return made from a residential tenant. This is where our motto “making properties profitable” comes from.

‘Quid Pro Quo’ – register your property and we will maximise its profitability

The name “Quid Pro” is a reference to the Latin term ‘Quid Pro Quo’, or the idea of “something in exchange for something” which is really the essence of what Quid Pro do – you let us manage your property, and in return, we maximise its potential to make an optimal financial return.